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Posted this on their wall; it was deleted less than one second later. They are aware of these messages! Keep them up.

Dear Netflix: your corporate position that a woman who participates in public policy debates may be called a “slut” and/or a “prostitute” if she happens to be in support of contraception is unacceptable to me.

I assume that is your position, anyway, due to your continued sponsorship of the Rush Limbaugh program after his derogatory comments about Sandra Fluke, despite the quick action of many other national companies to distance themselves, and their brands, from hate speech.

If you and your board, in fact, are not in support of Limbaugh’s stupid hate speech, please act soon, in a public way, or else you may lose me and many of your other customers to Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime, as much as I have enjoyed your service thus far.

Thank you.

Netflix has told The Atlantic Wire that they do not advertise on Rush Limbaugh’s show. Yet there are people all over the web reporting that they’ve heard Netflix ads on the program. Part of a blanket buy? That’s what happened to Allstate, but that company quickly made a public statement that it had never intended to support Limbaugh, and that it had instructed its buyers to never let this happen again. Netflix needs to do the same.

Just wanted to add that Netflix has done precisely that, in case somebody finds this in the future and wants to know how it turned out.