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Today there has occurred yet another Snake-Boy Loves Sky Prince update, in which we meet the disembodied head of Madame Blavatsky, among other surprises.

One small white unlit candle had been placed on a silver saucer on the floor in the middle of the dining room. Automatons bustled about, removing what was left of the furniture. The buffet in particular seemed to be giving them fits, not out of heaviness per se but due to the awkward distribution of what weight it had. They tried three-walking-backwards, two-in-front, then switched positions, then switched them again. They kept running into walls. Eventually one of them rode on top of the thing as though it were a horse, directing the others underneath by way of hand gestures and hip movements. Then they seemed to realize the clownish pointlessness of their behavior, stopping all at once, shrugging. They, and the buffet, melted into the floor.

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