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I’m torn.

On the one hand, a local chef opening up an ambitious but overpriced taqueria in a former junk shop is hardly a fair example of the depredations of global capitalism. That’s just silly. Throw some self-righteous collegiate ire at Qdoba’s ongoing occupation of the historic Uptown Cinema building at the corner of Bardstown Road and Eastern Parkway, if you actually feel strongly about these matters. Or not. If you don’t. But don’t pose. It’s boring.

On the other hand, if a chef is willing to serve me a taco with delicious pulled pork as the filling (and, yes, the filling was delicious), he shouldn’t then turn around and say that the reason the tortilla was bland and crappy is because it’s Vegan. Save the difficult-to-make, crappy Vegan tortillas for the Vegans, and please assume that a fat guy ordering pulled pork doesn’t mind a little lard in his flatbreads! Thank you very much!

I see that Taco Punk is hosting a fundraiser for the homeless next Wednesday. Whether that was motivated by the silly review in the Cardinal, or their own conscience, or both — good on them!