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I have been compiling a list of literary journals and magazines who specialize in gay-themed fiction. I mean “gay male” when I say “gay-themed.” I’m looking for venues for my own work, so a lesbian-only magazine (for example) won’t work. They don’t want to bother with me, and I don’t want to bother with them.

Anyway, it occurs to me that you guys a). might find this list interesting, either because you’re writers, or because you’re readers looking for gay-themed fiction to read, or b). might be able to help me add more venues to my list, since you are many, and I am only one, and your collective knowledge of the field is probably vaster than mine.

I have tried to weed out magazines, websites, or journals who haven’t published a new issue in a long time (holy shit there’s a lot of those), or whose focus seems to be erotica or pornography (not because I have anything against those genres, just not what I’m writing).

As you’ll see below, it’s kind of difficult to tell which of these projects are still active, and which aren’t. Generally, if more than two years has gone since any kind of update to their website or publication schedule, I’m counting them as inactive. Others are on the cusp. Some of these journals publish fairly infrequently (even the ones that are supposed to be quarterly don’t always hit that schedule), and there doesn’t seem to be a culture of constant website updates among the editors, to say the least.

Here’s my list so far:

Bloom Literary Journal

Description: “A publication of Arts in Bloom Project, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to queer artists, writers, and audiences. BLOOM was founded to support the work of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered writers and artists and to foster the appreciation of queer literature and creation.”

Type of Publication: Quarterly/Print

Last issue published: Fall 2012

Notes: Not sure if this project is still active. They claim to be accepting submissions for their next issue starting September 1, but there hasn’t been a new issue for quite some time. Does anybody know if these guys are still publishing? I signed up for their email list to see if there’s any activity there.


Description: “Showcasing and developing the creative talents of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer-identified, and allied individuals.”

Type of Publication: Quarterly/Print
Last Issue Published: Winter 2013
Notes: Not sure if this project is still active, but I think it probably is. They have a blog — the last post there coincides with the last published issue (January 2013). So they’re either still active, or they died 6 months ago and haven’t told anybody (which is common for these literary journals’ websites). Again: anybody know?
Description: “The magazine of gay speculative fiction.”
Type of Publication: Quarterly/Print & Digital
Last Issue Published: Summer 2013
Notes: The previous two were literary in nature — this one’s all about genre fiction, which may be a perfect answer for me, as a writer and as a reader. Covers have a DIY/zine-ish feel to them, which I like, but others may not.
Description“A brand-new journal featuring short fiction by queer male writers. Named after the lesser-known close friend (and speculated lover) of King David in the Old Testament. Jonathan features gay writers and their short stories in each issue.”
Type of Publication: Quarterly(?)/Print & Digital
Last Issue Published: They list three issues, but no dates for each. Submissions for the next issue expire at the end of this month (August 2013), so I think maybe they’re still active.
Notes: Very attractive graphic design on the covers.
Description: “A new magazine devoted to gay writing, is published one to four times a year.”
Type of Publication: Quarterly (?)/Print & Digital
Last Issue Published: May, 2013
Notes: Associated with “Chelsea Station Editions,” a book publishing outfit that either arose out of the magazine or vice-versa.
So that’s not very many. I found many more whose current publication status was much more suspect, even, than these. Can any of you help me out here? Please share links in the comments — especially to online venues that update frequently!